The Runner

Kate Day of the Daily Telegraph said of this image, “The viewer feels like a observer, watching a private battle – with the rain, with the runner’s body, perhaps even with their mind. And the reflected light around the hunched figure puts them in the spotlight even more. Beautiful.”

The runner

That was very nice of her.  I was working with a manual 500mm lens and it is difficult to keep it from wobbling.  So I grabbed the image as best I could, considering it was a moving target, and then played a little with Photoshop.  I turned the grain and the contrast up and made the image seem grittier.  It was quite a bright day, but the picture looks like it might be raining and it looks dark which is probably why Kate mentioned the private battle.  Overall, I’m quite pleased with the image because it shows that you can work a picture into something better than the initial exposure.