St. James’ Park

A groundsman keeps the lawn neat and tidy at St. James’ Park, the home of Newcastle United since 1892 with a current capacity of more than 52 000.  It’s currently called @ St. James’ Park Stadium by the ownership but not by anyone who matters.  The stadium has hosted England Internationals and will be one of the venues for the 2012 Olympic Football tournament.

Here’s an exterior shot to show how the stadium dominates its part of town.  Probably one of the few top flight stadia actually in the centre of its town/city.  the council have blocked plans for any more expansion due to some complaints that the stadium is a ‘monstrosity.’  On the other hand, the club has some of the biggest crowds in England and if it started to win trophies, it might just need another 10 000 seats.  At the moment, its the third biggest football club stadium in England, with only Manchester United and Arsenal being larger.

This shot, of the outside of the stadium, was taken using my LC-A.  This is an example of Lomography, more of which at a later date.  Note how the side of the wall has distorted and how the lights are over exposed.  That’s due to cheap optics and the LC-A’s light meter –  once you press the shutter it simply stays open until it has collected enough light for the picture.  I’ve heard reports of people holding the button down for half an hour in the pitch black.