The Picture House

Gone but not forgotten, the Jesmond Picture House.

It was active between 1922 and 1993 and was raised to the ground last year.  A cinema has been lost to an office development because, it is claimed, old cinema buildings with balconies are too expensive to redevelop.

Admittedly, the building had become an eyesore over the last two decades.  Part of the roof had collapsed and it was full of pigeon droppings.  Perhaps its out of town location counted against it in the era of multiplexes but it was right next door to a metro station.

Shame buildings like this don’t seem to fit anymore.

3 thoughts on “The Picture House

  1. What a shame, I am doing a blog on old heritage buildings right now because i do not trust the politicians or business owners to preserve our old buildings


    1. It should but it’s been knocked down now and left vacant because they couldn’t afford to build anything. There are so few non-multiplex cinemas around that it’s a real shame.



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