This one came third in a Daily Telegraph competition where it was described as “quiety quirky.”

8 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. I like this photo, mostly for the simplicity and use of negative space. But also for the interesting and inventive use of the child in the photo. Well done. From a learning point of view, I think you could have made it more effective by going for a landscape orientation so as not to clip out the sunlight falling on the floor thus increasing the negative space on the left of the photo. Not a criticism, I just like to think about different ways of taking a photo with hindsight.


  2. The “quiety quirky” description is spot on. Such a serious looking photo that hides a whimsical subject.


  3. Sympathetic and balanced composition. Some purists would say there are “too flat”in the foreground or in the upper roof, however this proportion is just making it possible to balance the composition and the establishment of a strong focal point.


  4. Composición simpática y equilibrada. Algún purista diría que hay “exceso de piso” en el primer plano o de techo en el cuadrante superior, sin embargo es justo esta proporción lo que posibilita el equilibrio en la composición y en el establecimiento de un punto focal intenso.



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