The Age of Austerity

There’s a recession on (or whatever they class the current financial crises as) so we all must make compromises.  Mine is to save money by not buying my favoured Ilford HP5 but Kodak TX instead.  Although I prefer the Ilford brand, Kodak’s films have never let me down in the past so its not that much of a hardship.  It is perhaps down to brand loyalty more than actual results that i buy Ilford anyway.

I’m also giving Fomapan another go.  It’s cheaper than most and from the Czech Republic.  I tried it before and thought it was OK but I’m not sold on it as my main film but I’m going to try another roll.  The one I’m not very into is Kentmere.  This is a new film to the market and is made by Ilford but sold as a cut price brand.  I wasn’t too enthusiastic over the results so it will need another economic downturn of even greater proportions before I am tempted again.

4 thoughts on “The Age of Austerity

  1. I have to admit that I am a bit hooked on the Kentmere at the moment, it took me a few goes to get on with it!! I like the price..
    I really enjoyed your blog today. Some really fantastic shots on here.


  2. I loved shooting Ilford and Kodak films. Both had some great qualities. Kodak’s TMax films are really nice with some great grain. I’ve tried some of the Eastern European papers, but haven’t tried the films. Let us know what you think



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