The Last Rays of the Sun

The is the sun just moments before it set, in a forest.  I’m not sure if it works or not.  Comments and criticisms are welcome.


Thanks for all the comments.  I think that problem is that I took the shot too late.  A few minutes before and there would have been more detail on the image.  It’s been cropped and lightened to try and get less black and more detail but there isn’t much to work with.  A better image would have been ‘The Second Last Rays of the Sun.’

7 thoughts on “The Last Rays of the Sun

  1. I like this image. I like the fact that the picture is a bit mysterious and that you have to focus a bit to figure out what it is, particularly in the bottom half of the picture.


  2. Knowing that you shoot only in film, I’m not too sure if this will be of any help. If you could increase the contrast in the foliage, and reduce the highlights in the sunlight, this might give an overall improvement to the image. I know that this is a contentious point, and one that I furiously debated ( digital can’t compare with film, being on the side of film) I have got to say that I was wrong!. Shooting now in RAW gives me so much more control over the final print. Give it a try…you won’t be disappointed…maybe!



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