All The Right Notes, Not Necessarily In The Right Order

Also this week, I finally caught up and looked at all of the comments to a previous post of mine, about photography magazines which you can read here:

The comments largely agree with me.  I was looking through a magazine earlier this week in the local library and one thing that struck me was how much mention of video there was in the articles.  Its photography but not as I know it.  Still the same emphasis on kit and product over technique and simply great photos.  I contend that you can get more out of a half decent photo book than from a magazine, especially if you browse it for half an hour in a book shop and then leave without buying it.

Here ends my rant.


16 thoughts on “All The Right Notes, Not Necessarily In The Right Order

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my trees this morning! I really appreciate your POV about video vs. photography… I don’t really consider myself a photographer so much as someone who uses photographs in my work, but I get so much more of a feeling of “crafting” when I’m working with still images or single frames. I take pics & blend them with my artwork and words to convey… something. Here’s an example of what I’m doing:
    I look forward to taking the time to look at more of your images!


  2. Personally video has no place in a photography magazine, there are plenty of videography magazines that cover that stuff in detail. Sure, mention it as a feature but don’t linger on it.

    I can’t buy them as it is all about gear and junk.

    You’re not alone.


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