The Sun Sets

The sun sets across the St. James’ Park sign for one of the last times.  This sign has now been removed.  The ownership has decided to rename this ground the Sports Direct Arena ending years and years of tradition.  Although football fans up and down the country are expressing ridicule at the renaming, if it brings in enough money then the rebranding exercise could be coming to many more historic stadia.

Sports Direct are part of the group that owns the club so the owner is sponsoring himself, which just looks sad.  It was hoped that a big brand name like Nike would come in and pay lots of money but when that didn’t happen, the new name was chosen to ‘demonstrate’ how it would work.  There’s been a lot of dissatisfaction from fans and football in general and the stupid thing is that the stadium name must change back for this summer’s Olympic matches because the contracts were signed with St. James’ Park.  The only way this will ever work is with a sponsor paying £30 million and that money bringing in a new striker who gets 40 goals a season and that scenario doesn’t look very likely at the moment.

6 thoughts on “The Sun Sets

  1. At least we now have a team that seems to know what they are doing, Kudos to Alan Pardew. However I think that St. James’s Park should continue.


    1. The team is doing very well for the amount of money that has been spent on it. So why couldn’t Ashley just forget this idea and just let the team do the talking? He’s not an idiot but once a year he seems to want to act like one.


  2. I can’t tell you how awful I felt watching the news item this morning. The way the guy was taking down the sign made me feel upset and angry.

    I was a great football fan and supporter for many, many years but I haven’t watched ‘the game’ for a few years now. Maybe I’m just sad and sentimental in yearning for something from the past – something I remember through rose-tinted specs. I don’t know.


  3. Perhaps this is fair enough for new stadia (eg the Emirates), but St James’ Park has long, rich and proud history, and is a focal point for the city of Newcastle. The rebranding is tactless, vulgar and ill though out – once again showing that Mike Ashley holds NUFC’s fan in fairly low regard.

    It would seem that short-term financial gain (if indeed anyone would be interested in the naming rights, knowing that their brand could be very unpopular with the Newcastle faithful) is more important than history and tradition. But to the Newcastle fans (whom I count myself among) it will forever remain St James’ Park.

    Unfortunately, football is becoming the exclusive domain of the ultra rich; increasingly commodified and little more than yet another platform for ubiquitous advertising and corporate sponsorship – a world away from its working class beginnings. I find myself more disinterested with the ‘beautiful game’ with each passing season.



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