There seems to be a thriving industry in old World War two uniforms, both original and more recent.  I wanted to be a RAF officer but discovered that the way the uniforms are cut meant that I was much more of a GI.  In other words, I eat like an American.  So I got my genuine uniform from 1941 complete with a Vietnam service medal.  Go figure, as the GIs would say.

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+

13 thoughts on “Uniforms

  1. I’m very lean and have an affinity for vintage clothing but still have a hard time finding things that work. It seems as if the further back in time you go, the more difficult it is to find something that fits. Even though I’m thin enough to get into just about anything, I am often way too lanky for it not to look comical.

    RAF uniforms appear to be made for children and their American variants aren’t really any larger. Time has constantly preferred pilots to be for a smaller stature. Even the average G.I. uniforms are pretty small- there’s just a lot more to choose from. I just don’t think people in either country were all that heavy until years after the war. Of course now the obesity rates in America are roughly 30% and rising while the United Kingdom is a few places behind at 23% (and also rising). I wonder where the tipping point was.

    They should compare the average serviceman’s body in 1941 to today. I’d be interested to see the difference.

    Anyway, great share and great black and whites!


  2. I’ve always wondered what wearing a busby must feel like. Since watching the guards at Windsor Castle when young I’ve always imagined them to be very uncomfortable with the unwieldly weight and awkwardly placed chinstrap.



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