The Undertaker

Last year, I attended the 40’s festival in North Yorkshire where I encountered this chap.  Several villages and a vintage railway line get taken over by reenactments in the shape of period dress, jeeps anti aircraft guns.  It’s great for a photographer because you have streets full of people dressed like this who are quite happy for you to walk up and ask for a photo.  In fact, it would be rude if you didn’t since they went to so much trouble.  Diepite how he might appear, this was a very genial and polite undertaker.

I was reminded that I had a folder full of pictures like these by this post on Helen’s Photomania blog. So there may be a few hundred to come in the following months.

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+, 70-300mm

8 thoughts on “The Undertaker

  1. For some unjust reason, here in Greece we call them, “crows”! [Unfair to this beautiful bird!] However these people actually take care of our last moments on earth. Very good shot by the way!



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