Crap Camera

I came across this website in a photography magazine. As I might have mentioned before, I’ve given up on magazines and normally only leaf through them for a laugh, either in the library or the newsagents when its free.  It’s been a long time since I parted with any cash for one.  I like to look at the private ads at the back where if you’re lucky, you can sometimes find glamour models advertising their services – with a discount for pensioners.  That last bit always cracks me up for some reason, which gets me some funny looks in Smith’s.

However this website looks like it might be a good one for those of who are still using film and aren’t too picky about how old or obscure our cameras are.

8 thoughts on “Crap Camera

  1. If I have a choice, I’ll chose a magazine or a book. I just really like the feel of them, and sometimes even the smell! If I’m trying to learn something, it’s hard copy hands down. I tried YouTube videos but the people putting them out are really bad, stuttering, shaky video, poor resolution. And I despise having to start and stop a video. Just give me a book or magazine!


  2. This is great – I couldn’t agree more with the magazine thing. About 3 years ago when I was getting started I bought magazines all the time; after about 6 months it was lipstick on a pig. I knew everything they were talking about and got nothing out of it.


    1. Thanks for your comment, since I started posting views like this I’ve had a lot of agreement and no one’s said anything different in defence of photography magazines.



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