Haifa Seafront

Haifa sits on the Mediterranean Sea.  It’s broadwalk is a strange mix of concrete, outdoor gym equipment and the odd colonial house.  Not much seems to be completely finished.  The new buildings seem to have got stuck half way through construction and are shells.  The old houses are grand but nearly always being refurbished, with little urgency.

In the UK, our beach fronts have to be designed to withstand both the winter and the short summer, which is worse,  so we don’t get much architecture like the open arch above.  In England, that wouldn’t be a sun screen, that would be a wind tunnel.

For once, I don’t think monochrome would suit all of these shots because of the cloudless blue sky.  On the other hand I do like the monochrome white out that you get on days like these.

This post fits in well with Alisapm’s travel theme on Where’s My Backpack which is about Oceans.

Update: I fixed the missing picture at the top, and add a wide view of the promenade below for good measure.

4 thoughts on “Haifa Seafront

  1. Love the wind tunnel, I mean shelter, but my favourite one is haifa2, with all the people gathered by the fishing rods. It hints at some kind of communal relationship with the ocean which I find intriguing.



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