This guy was really annoying me.

There was a big skip full of rubbish from a neighbour’s house which took a couple of weeks to pick up which is a little annoying.  And then this guy comes along to have a rummage through spread rubbish around the path and take whatever.  So I’m getting to ready to open up on him in true 21st Century style.  I’m going to call someone.

I have the council, refuse rapid reaction squad, community police and my MP’s phone numbers at my finger tips and I’m ready to go.  But get this – he’s asked the neighbour for permission which annoyed me, and then, the really irritating bit, he tidies up after himself so that there’s no mess.  So I can’t complain – that’s really inconsiderate of him.

On several occasions he takes his shirt off and goes swimming in the rubbish. His mate turned up with a van. I jade no idea that people did this sort of thing for a living. And then the skip, the van and the man with the rucksack were all gone. I put my list of phone numbers down. For now.

7 thoughts on “Recycling

  1. I’ve felt that way–and always glad when something prevented me from making an irate phone call that wasn’t warranted because the misfit was acting with propriety.


  2. I guess it’s a sign of the desperate times some people are living….very sad…’tho of course your post title says it all too!



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