Camden Market

Camden Market is packed and heaving.  Too busy for me to get good shots with everyone milling around left, right and centre.  So I looked for higher ground and find a staircase that I’m probably not supposed to climb but I do anyway, just for a minute.  It was nice of someone to put a giant robot up for me.

Canon EOS1 Ilford HP5+ 400 speed.

5 responses to “Camden Market”

  1. Black and white does it justice.


  2. This is a fab shot. I just adore Camden market & this shot really captures the atmosphere, hustle & bustle that exists. That Robot guards the entrance to a very weird shop full of gadgets & very very unusual clothing. I think I know those steps as well & I agree, I don’t think you are supposed to be up there. But thats what rules are for…


  3. Stupendous shot! I’m glad that you took the risk!


  4. robschofieldphotography Avatar

    Love Camden market. I used to go up there to buy bootlegs.



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