Minimalist Living

The faceless corridors of the modern hotel hides lives arranged in a series of prepacked episodes.  The rooms contain everything you need for modern living but in a minimalist version.  Like a ready meal chicken tikka massala, it’s a there when you want it.  The rice in one half and the sauce in the other.The flavor’s OK and the meal is quick and uncomplicated but leaves you with a feeling that you should have waited an hour for a proper one.

TV with only half the channels you are used to.  You are actually bored enough to watch Inspector Morse.

Plastic miniature bottles full of things that you don’t use at home anyway.

Magazines that you’d never read at home in a million years because you wouldn’t actually pay money for them.

Biscuits that come in twos.

Instant coffee in sachets and milk in packets that need to be squeezed like an udder into the mug.

Empty wardrobes with an iron that won’t work on your plugs at home.

How much of a mess dare you leave the bathroom in?  For long stays, it becomes a battle of attrition.



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10 responses to “Minimalist Living”

  1. steviegill Avatar

    Nice collection of shots. Great light and mood in all of these.


  2. jmnartsy Avatar

    I feel ‘cold’ reading this post, but I love the Spa Therapy pic, and, yes, cookies that come in twos.


  3. Aware of the Void Avatar

    I really do love this post, for a time I worked away from home for weeks on end. The highlight of the day when checking into the hotel was to see what sort of milk they had with the tea and coffee making facilities. This post gave me flash backs to that time and really made me laugh.

    People think there is a bit of glamor to staying in hotels for weeks on end….they are wrong, so very wrong.


  4. themofman Avatar

    Inspector Morse really is very droll.


  5. Patti Kuche Avatar

    Love the moodiness of these brilliant shots!


  6. LightHouseBlues Avatar

    Wonderful bw work!


  7. weavinglight Avatar

    Perfect description of hotel stays. Brilliant.


  8. Gardner's World Avatar
    Gardner’s World

    I like the empty coat hanger with stark reflection of its own shadow


    1. mostlymonochrome Avatar

      Thanks, the whole thing is quite stark.


  9. Helen Cherry Avatar

    Excellent.. love the words and the photos…. and monochrome suits this reeeeeally well !



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