The Biggest Frog I Have Ever Seen

This one takes at least two hands to hold and wobbles about because it is so full of water.  It’s about the size of a dinner plate.  They live in desert areas near riverbeds where they drink lots and go to sleep under ground for several months at a time.

If you’re dying of thirst, you can reputedly dig one up, hold it mouth to mouth and squeeze the frog to get a drink out of it.  That information may one day save your life if you can handle the thought of it.

Canon EOS1, Kodak TMax 400

47 thoughts on “The Biggest Frog I Have Ever Seen

  1. I love it!! 🙂 A tender monster 🙂 Seems as the Monster in Star War, I don’t remember the name…Really I love it 🙂 very wonderful capture!!


  2. Very interesting! He looks like he should be a helium balloon!
    And as themofman said, it does remind one of Jabba the Hutt!


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  4. Lordy, pointing a frog at your mouth and squeezing for your life — that’s a Coen brothers movie right there! How big would you say it is in inches (or circumference)?



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