I had a think about Alisa’s photo challenge of Mysticism. I decided to go with the definition of the word which says the Mysticism is the awareness of aspects of reality normally beyond human perception.  So this is an infra-red film shot and it shows light that is normally beyond human perception.


6 responses to “Mystic”

  1. endlessframe Avatar

    Nice shot, I love the effects of infra red film. Have you seen this guys blog? He uses a ton of it!


    1. mostlymonochrome Avatar

      That’s an interesting blog.


  2. Virgilio Gavia Avatar

    nice mono! and thanks for the visit.


  3. Luddy's Lens Avatar

    Very nice, soft focus.


  4. Aware of the Void Avatar

    Beautifully done, what film are you suing here. It has a hint of HIE or Efke about it.



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