Lomography in the News

The BBC is extolling the virtues of Lomography here.

It’s nice to see some publicity for the cameras although I have misgivings about the article.  It tells you about the famous friends of Lomography but it doesn’t give you the cons of the system which are the cost of the cameras and the amount of film that you’ll need to go through if you want to get a few good shots.  This isn’t a problem for me because my LC-A is about fifteen years old and bought when they weren’t so extortionately priced and as a serial filmwaster, I’m not put off by34 out of 36 shots being bad.

Examples of my own Lomography can be found here.










6 responses to “Lomography in the News”

  1. pjbrez Avatar

    Overpriced, yes indeed. However, I don’t find the LC-A to be a film waster. If a little love and thought goes into each shot, all will come out fine : )


  2. weavinglight Avatar

    I take my hat off to the students who managed to make a small fortune selling worthless cameras for extortionate prices, but I can;t go for the whole Lomography thing. I’d rather get a used manual focus SLR for less money. Still it has kept film photography going, and that can only be a good thing.


    1. mostlymonochrome Avatar

      I like the promotion of using film and old technology. You do better looking at other models and getting a good second hand deal and that takes a bit of effort. The brand of lomo is very powerful and also quick and easy to promote so I guess that’s why it gets the column inches.


  3. Luddy's Lens Avatar

    Hmmmm…I’m glad to see a major outlet talking about film photography, but the whole bent of the article — that Lomo saved film — is kind of off-putting for me. I agree with you that it’s all pros and no cons. Also, it says that Kodak and Agfa film stocks have “dwindled”, when actually “Agfa” no longer exists on its own and Kodak is likely to find a buyer, never mind that Fujfilm and Ilford have increased their variety.

    But, then again, the article is written by an avid Lomo-phile, so I guess it’s to be expected. And the images in the article are pretty cool. /end rant/

    A Fellow Member of Filmwasters Anonymous


    1. Luddy's Lens Avatar

      Also, loved this on your Lomo post:

      “Crappy Communist camera rebranded as artistic for the West? Yes, probably.”




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