This post is all about the Weekly Photo Challenge of 2012.  The issue was to decide what photos would sum up the year for me?  I’ve taken so many and still have a couple of  hundred that I haven’t finished processing yet.  So I thought I’d have a look at WordPress’s excellent stats and see which posts have had the most hits and in theory this would give me a gallery of this year’s key photos.

One thing that sticks out is that they are all 35mm film shots and nearly all monochrome thus fitting in with the title and ethos of this blog.  You can click on the names to go to the original posts.



All the right notes, not necessarily in the right order:

A spring:


Concrete and Gothic:


This is still the biggest frog I have ever seen:



7 thoughts on “2012

  1. I’ve only been in the blogosphere for half a year but have really enjoyed your posts. Skipping through your selection I’d just like to say – you had a great year. Interesting that that the most popular were mono on film; that would fit in with my own pattern of ‘likes’ on your posts. Looking forward to seeing your stuff in 2013.



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