A Fleeting Moment of Childhood


It’s a moment without a care, not minding the industry in the background or how cold the sea is.  Whether the game is complicated or a simple as running on wet sand, it’s a good one. A single frame of life frozen on a frame of 35mm.

Weekly Photo Challenge here:

40 thoughts on “A Fleeting Moment of Childhood

  1. A great composition. Artistically, I love the horizon in the distance with it’s industry, and the subject dark and crisp in the foreground. I agree that children don’t see industry and pollution, they only see fun and adventure.


  2. I wish there were never that background in a picture. 😦 Although I must admit that not every smokestack emits pollution even though I always feel that way. Lovely juxtaposition of the child and nature against the background.



      1. You’re right, I just flashed off on something I’d been thinking about recently. Didn’t mean to take away from the meaning of your lovely photo. 🙂




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