dolls dolls-(2) dolls-(3) dolls-(4) dolls-(5) dolls-(6)

Uncanny valley?

10 responses to “Dollface”

  1. Excellent! These photos recall Freud’s comments on the uncanny and in particular the doll Olympia in the Hoffmann tale.


    1. Something universal about blank toy faces.


  2. […]  Don’t try and work out how many people they’ve kissed.  We are definitely in the uncanny valley again, but why do these things look like they […]


  3. A bit creepy. Love the dark tones in these shots.


  4. Great lighting with these. I think it’s interesting that the comments are “eerie and creepy” (which is to be expected). You were able to achieve that by manipulating the lighting- so, my hat is off to you. :0) In broad daylight (and in colour) no doubt, they would look typically dollish and maybe even “cute”. I appreciate your spin on it. (I would have done the same thing.)


    1. Thank you. I did go for the darker look deliberately, but I also wanted the doll faces to be blank and leave the viewer to interpret for themselves. A sort of uncanny valley.


      1. It’s funny how the viewer can write the story themselves, isn’t it? (Depending on their scripts.) I once saw a photo (as a newbie photog a decade ago) that showed two children running toward the tide- intertubes wrapped around themselves, laughing joyously. He had titled the pic “Prelude to Disaster”. It changed my life. :0) I think of that always. (Now, I like to leave things open to interpretation but with a deliberate twist on them.)


        1. I think leaving things open a little gives you a wider audience.



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