One Shot Two Ways

boxes-dark boxes-heaven2 boxes-hell-(2)

Experiments with high key and low key.  I was going to call it Planet of the Boxes. Feel free to comment which works best.

19 thoughts on “One Shot Two Ways

  1. Another vote for the first image. The lengths of light on the left really enhance the atmosphere, I think, because we’re left guessing what they lead to.


  2. Oh definitely. I use a technique in digital where I start with an underexposed scene, and I’ll slowly paint in the light by adjusting my ISO/SH. SP. (etc.) the final result is much like the top and bottom pic here- minimal lighting, showcasing the shades and shadows instead of the light (but enough light to compliment the overall image). (It sort of reverses everything without INversing it.) So yeah, I definitely like the top one most.


    1. I usually under expose by half a stop but I went under by about two stops for this post and then did some more on photoshop. I did the opposite for the high key image. This can work very well in hard light because it gives you a lot of rich black in the picture although it can also give you a lot of gray in soft light.


  3. love the graphic details of your studies

    I’m inviting you to join us for Travel Photo Mondays, it runs the whole week starting on Mondays, come link up with us.


  4. It’s number three for me Dave. The longer shafts of light against the darker background make a more aesthetic composition. Then again I’m looking at number one and it’s hard to choose 🙂



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