Shooting The Moon

I thought having an extension tube might be a good idea.  The theory was that it would multiple my zooms by 2.  So the 300mm zoom would become 600mm at a stroke.  I trawled through second-hand website and came up with this:


So, I thought the moon might be a good target.  Luna has always eluded me, in the sense that I’ve never really got a good picture of it.  It’s very bright especially compared to the night sky.  This makes metering a problem.  I am not surprised to hear that many astronomers dislike the full moon because it drowns everything else out.  But’s it’s a dramatic and craggy subject, full of contrasts that suit monochrome film.  Having a clear night, I though I would try for the half moon.


This was the scene outside so I set the Canon up with the converter attached.  I discovered a lot of zoom power but  it costs a couple of stops in exposure and the autofocus becomes problematic.  I had to rely on the tripod and my own eyes to focus correctly.  The cable release came in handy as well.


And the end result was this:Moon-(6)

Not too bad with a bit of help from Photoshop.  There’s some good detail on the craters at the south pole but the image is a little soft.  I’m still trying to capture that elusive great picture of the moon.

6 thoughts on “Shooting The Moon

  1. One thought…I’d ditch the cable release and set your timer for at least 10 second delay. There’s a lot of movement going on in a zoom on a tripod and from my experience I see much improved sharpness using 10s vs 5s at 200mm! Just a thought…EE



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