A Month of Colour Ends

2015-01-30 13.29.23

What have I learned by making January a month of colour on this blog?


I’m better at monochrome. But I also have much better kit – a top of the range kit, for the early 90s. Most of colour stuff this month has been digital. So if I want better digital photos, I’ll have to invest in the kit.


I think I see better in black and white and this means that the colour images lack drama. Bw film lends itself to dramatic tones.


I think I will do this again next year but on 35mm colour film so I can use my Canon. This means more forward planning. In the meantime, here’s some remaining colour pics to finish the month off.

2014-05-04-15.21.332015-01-30 13.22.01

Back to monochrome tomorrow.


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