Some Old Cameras

I was sorting through one of the big plastic boxes of photography stuff and I came across some old cameras.  There was about three wrecked Canons, I use the EOS1 virtually all the time but I keep a barely functioning EOS5 for when I want to take a camera in the sea or something.  I also have a LC-1 for when I want to get arty but I always end up getting frustrated with it – having said that, when the LC-1 is good, it’s very good.

These three were worth taking a few shots with so here they are:

The Flashmaster, above, and the Comet, at the top are cameras I’ve never actually gotten to work.  I really can’t make my mind up what sort of film they needs and how I would go about processing it so I’ve always put them to the back of the pile.

This is a Lomo and it takes four pictures on to a single frame of 35mm almost but not quite simulatenously.  The outcomes are varibale so I tend to use it once in a while.  The build is very must plastic and I snapped the film wind lever in two without trying very hard.






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