A Few Changes Around Here:

I was getting a bit fed up with the paid theme so I went back to the free one.  Despite the extra options, and a lot of playing with the CSS, I could never seem to get it looking the way I wanted.  So I went back to the simple themes.  I will lose the personalised web address but I don’t think it made much difference to the blog.

I am also getting a bit sick of using a fifteen year old version of Photoshop so I have downloaded GIMP and I now need to spend some time on it.  It’s quite a difference and I don’t know where everything is at the moment, but I will persevere.

The big, big change is that I actually went out and bought a DSLR – or to put it another way, a camera that doesn’t take film.  This could change my methods and the resulting photos a lot but in the meantime, I think I still have about five hundred black and white exposures to work through.

I tried a new logo; can’t make up my mind:







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