Spot The Ball

In the UK, there is a traditon of ‘Spot the Ball’ competitions in newspapers. They would print a picture of a football game with the ball taken out and readers would take a pen and draw an ‘x’ on the picture where they thought the ball was, cut it out and post it off to be in with a chance of winning some cash.

Here is a variation on that theme:

  • It’s a cricket match
  • The ball is actually in the shot but it took me a while to realise it
  • There is no cash
  • See if you can spot it by adding a comment below

These pictures are a crop of images taken through a 300mm lens. The quality is OK but not as good as I’d like. As usual it’s Ilford 400 speed film.

On this picture, the ball is a bit more visible.

7 thoughts on “Spot The Ball

  1. It’s just on top of the head of the chap 2nd from left (I think!). Do they still run the spot the ball competition? I used to enter it decades ago ……… and always got it spectacularly wrong!


  2. I’ll give it a go…In the top photo, I believe the ball is just peaking out from behind the head of the person standing immediately to the right of the bowler. In the bottom photo, the ball is in flight between the bowler and batter and slightly above the batters head. I realize you said no cash, but, I will gladly accept Paypal. LOL.



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