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Here's some long exposures I took at night.  Note to self: remember to pack the cable release before you leave the house instead of looking for it when you get there.  It'll make life easier. The last one's a bit 'experimental' or just plain shaky. Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+, 400


Here's two pictures of the same Millennium Bridge at night which I took on a long exposure.  The top one is the better one, but I kind of like the fuzzy, shaky version below as well.  This is what you get for not taking a tripod. What does anyone else think?   Canon EOS1, Ilford … Continue reading Bridge

The View From The Bridge

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+, 400, long exposure  

Smog and Art

This is Middlesbrough.  I recently took a trip there by car.  It was a traditional English day, the sky was seven shades of grey and the temperature was not warm, not cold, not quite in the middle.  I felt a few spots of rain but it never quite started.  In short - average, it could … Continue reading Smog and Art

The Hits

The Hits

I was looking at some of the search engine terms produce hits on this blog and I came across three standout categories that seem to bring traffic my way. Bikini This one makes a lot of sense. The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge Not sure why this one pops up so often.  It is an iconic piece … Continue reading The Hits

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge 2

Some more shots of the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge in all its glory:

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge

Reflected on the waters of the Tees is the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge.   This Grade II Listed building was erected in 1911 and is one of the few bridges of its type in the world still in daily operation although it frequently gets shut by high winds, bad weather and just about anything else.  The bridge … Continue reading Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge