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Silent Witness

A concrete woolly mammoth overlooking a car park.

A Deep Dream

I had a play around with Google's Deep Dream using an online app.  It seems that it puts a lot of dog faces into images with patterns in them.  That doesn't really make me think of a dream and it's not really what I would describe as AI.  It's more pattern matching.  If all AI … Continue reading A Deep Dream

Does this count as monochrome?

It's only got two colours:


The Weekly Photo Challenge gives me a chance to use a blurred photo.  She was moving too fast for the camera to focus on and it selected the crowd instead.  However, you do get a good understanding of how quickly she was moving compared to the crowd.

A Month of Colour Ends

What have I learned by making January a month of colour on this blog? I'm better at monochrome. But I also have much better kit - a top of the range kit, for the early 90s. Most of colour stuff this month has been digital. So if I want better digital photos, I'll have to … Continue reading A Month of Colour Ends


Interesting how the yellow cone reflects on the floor.