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Train Station – World War II Style

Concrete and Gothic

Concrete and Gothic

Coventry seems a bit of an odd place to me. You arrive in the train station to be confronted by stairs. Lots of them and they are all concrete. Those of you wishing to use escalators should bring their own. A Japanese man who got off the train with two suitcases and a ruck sack … Continue reading Concrete and Gothic


A two thousand year old stone carving. EOS5 Fujicolor with some burning in on the stripes.

The View From The Carmel

Shrine of the Báb


The port town of Caesarea Maritima was built by Herod The Great and later used by the Romans.  Before you get to the Roman part, used for horse racing, you pass through the gothic architecture of Crusader gates and arches.  More recent developments have included private museums and a golf course.  Most sites in the … Continue reading Ceasarea

Renaissance Baebes

At a recent display, I took these pictures of Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth II and Mary Queen of Scots.  The models were very impressive and the clothes very fine although the light was poor and I was working without the aid of a tripod.  The other problem is that the EOS 5 gave up half way … Continue reading Renaissance Baebes

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lavender Water

My recent post showing some lighthouse steps got a few comments so I thought I'd do another one on the theme again. The interior shots come from the keeper's cottage and were taken hand-held in low lighting conditions. I wonder if there are any working lighthouses left in the UK?  It's probably all done with … Continue reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lavender Water