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  • Bareness

  • Vulcan

    As NATO once again lets its airplanes loose on an Arab country to bomb them into liking us, it seemed a good time to look at a Cold War weapon.  The Vulcan Bomber was Britain’s main weapon designed to carry a nuclear payload to the Soviet Union, although the only real combat mission it ever…

  • Catholic Truth Society

    The door is closed, the shelves empty and the window cracked. Is it a commentary on organised religion or just an empty shop? Canon and Ilford.

  • Guitarist

    There are few things better than playing a stat outside in a field (with no amp).

  • Roman Bath House

      After a really good orgy, there was nothing the Romans liked more than a bath.  They had large communal baths for the purpose of socialising as much as cleanliness.  It wasn’t just rich villas that had them,  also forts and public houses.     These pictures were taken with my Canon EOS5 and 200…

  • A Box of Frogs

      This is a box of frogs. The frogs are still freshly wrapped.  It’s my critique of the banking crisis.   Canon EOS 5 Ilford film, something at 200 speed I think.

  • Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge 2

    Some more shots of the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge in all its glory: