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    Being lit from underneath adds something. Canon EOS1 Ilford HP5+

  • Smog and Art

    This is Middlesbrough.  I recently took a trip there by car.  It was a traditional English day, the sky was seven shades of grey and the temperature was not warm, not cold, not quite in the middle.  I felt a few spots of rain but it never quite started.  In short – average, it could…

  • Angels

    The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.  ~G.K. Chesterton In Heaven an angel is nobody in particular.  ~George Bernard Shaw I’m no angel, but I’ve spread my wings a bit.  ~Mae West

  • A Prayer From the Past: “Let Me Return to Eternity”

    This is the entrance to a network of tombs in Israel.The most important burial place in the Jewish world during the mishnaic and talmudic periods.  Located in the western part of the lower Galilee and within easy access of Haifa, Beit She’arim flourished from the second through the fourth centuries when a necropolis was created…