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  • Aeroplane Art

    Aeroplane Art

  • Vulcan

    As NATO once again lets its airplanes loose on an Arab country to bomb them into liking us, it seemed a good time to look at a Cold War weapon.  The Vulcan Bomber was Britain’s main weapon designed to carry a nuclear payload to the Soviet Union, although the only real combat mission it ever…

  • The Age of Steam

    I recently took a trip on what claims to be the oldest train line in the world that is still in operation, at Tanfield, North East England.  It made me think about how rail travel has changed over the last two hundred years. The age of steam must have been smelly, noisy and fairly slow…

  • The Ride

  • Car Crash

    A car crash yesterday.

  • Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge 2

    Some more shots of the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge in all its glory:

  • Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge

    Reflected on the waters of the Tees is the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge.   This Grade II Listed building was erected in 1911 and is one of the few bridges of its type in the world still in daily operation although it frequently gets shut by high winds, bad weather and just about anything else.  The bridge…

  • Life on the Marina

    A recent shot of a boat and its reflection in the water, tethered at a marina.  Taken with a Canon EOS5 and Ilford black and white film, which one exactly escapes me.  It seems to me that living on a boat house in a marina would be very nice but I know nothing about how…

  • Clock Tower

    This is the face of Seaton Carew Bus Station’s Clock Tower – a recently renovated grade II listed, art deco clock tower.  It faces out in four directions, including across the North Sea.  It’s not quite the wreck it used to be, but the site is still a favourite for underage drinkers although most of…