Category: Weather

  • Rainy Night

      Rainy Days lead to Rainy Nights. EOS5, Fujifilm.

  • Snow Globes

    I took these pictures of a snow globe after shaking it up and using a variety of exposures from less than a second to twenty seconds.  You can see the difference in the trails of the flakes.  Most of the lighting was done by a torch.  The camera was mounted on a tripod, I shone…

  • Pylon

    Film was Ilford HP5 and the camera was Canon EOS5.

  • Industrial Sunset

    The sun, setting over a wasteland of towers, smoke, cranes and antennae.  

  • Lomography

    These shots were taken with a Lomo LC-A. The Lomo Kompakt Automat is a fixed lens, 35 mm film, compact camera introduced in 1984. In 2005, production of the original Lomo LC-A was discontinued. Its replacement, the LC-A+, was introduced in 2006 and production moved to China. Some of these Chinese models are passed off…

  • Sunshine

    This one came third in a Daily Telegraph competition where it was described as “quiety quirky.”

  • Climax Wind Pump

    Two shots of the charmingly named Climax Wind Pump, front and back, with and against the setting sun. There are some details about the pump here.

  • The Snow

    As the temperate plummets across the UK, there is four inches of snow in my garden, foot long icicles hanging from my roof and the car can’t go anywhere without a shovel. The problem is that I can’t be bothered to go and buy snow tyres and then jack my car up four times to…

  • The Runner

    Kate Day of the Daily Telegraph said of this image, “The viewer feels like a observer, watching a private battle – with the rain, with the runner’s body, perhaps even with their mind. And the reflected light around the hunched figure puts them in the spotlight even more. Beautiful.” That was very nice of her. …