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  • HP5

    I’ve been watching Sky’s Master of Photography competition.  Contestants from across Europe compete for a cash prize.  It’s not a bad show – the usual talent show with a jury but there is a lot of genuine photography in it.  One thing that keeps making me wonder is why they keep showing the contestants’ colour…

  • HDR

    Is it just me or does it look bloody awful?  

  • Another Nightmare

    The shop I bought my first SLR from had become some sort of hair shop that sells afro wigs.

  • Nightmare

    Just went to my local camera shop with a roll of film and they said we don’t develop anymore.

  • Android

    The new WordPress Android update is very good but has anybody else noticed that their shortcuts and widgets have stopped working or disappeared?

  • Jessops

    Sad to see that UK high street photography chain Jessops has collapsed this week with the loss of many jobs.  Any customers with outstanding orders have now lost them and it looks like many units on British high streets are going to go vacant. Fifteen to twenty years ago, I found Jessops very useful and…

  • Theories

    This is an interesting article, especially half way down when he talks about photographers being people who make pronouncements without ever testing them out.  Theory without analysis.  I’m sure I do this but then when I make a theory about how to take a picture the best way, my own experiences must count as something…

  • Lomography in the News

    The BBC is extolling the virtues of Lomography here. It’s nice to see some publicity for the cameras although I have misgivings about the article.  It tells you about the famous friends of Lomography but it doesn’t give you the cons of the system which are the cost of the cameras and the amount of…

  • One For Film Fans

    A picture that film fans may find amusing is here.  

  • Polaroid

    This is an interesting site here These guys are trying to keep Polaroid photography alive by selling film and remaking some of the old cameras. In a way this technology is better than current digital because almost as soon as you take the picture you can see it and have a hard copy. Polaroids also…