This is an example of bokeh – this is defined as the aesthetic quality of the out of focus regions of the picture and come from the Japanese word for blur.  Enthusiasts believe there is good bokeh and bad bokeh, and also they judge a lens by its performance when out of focus.

I’m not a connoisseur so I don’t know how good my bokeh is on this occasion, but I have sympathy with the idea that focus can be overrated.  Here’s the in focus version with the bokeh version layered over the top.

Canon EOS1 Ilford HP5+ 400



Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

If anyone fancies writing a funny caption for this shot, feel free.  The possibilities are endless.

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+

Crap Camera

I came across this website in a photography magazine. As I might have mentioned before, I’ve given up on magazines and normally only leaf through them for a laugh, either in the library or the newsagents when its free.  It’s been a long time since I parted with any cash for one.  I like to look at the private ads at the back where if you’re lucky, you can sometimes find glamour models advertising their services – with a discount for pensioners.  That last bit always cracks me up for some reason, which gets me some funny looks in Smith’s.

However this website looks like it might be a good one for those of who are still using film and aren’t too picky about how old or obscure our cameras are.

Statue at Night

Being lit from underneath adds something.

Canon EOS1 Ilford HP5+

There’s Always the Sun


This is the result of a failed experiment. I mounted my EOS1 on a tripod with a long lens and loaded it with Ilford HP5+.  I pointed it at the sun, using a filter over the lens and this is what I got.

All of the detail in the sky has been blocked by the filter but you can actually see the orb of the sun for a change – interestingly the light cloud cover which was over the sun has gone as well.  Unfortunately it was also too dark for the company that develops my film to spot and they didn’t scan it.  So, I’ve had to do an amateur scan job on it and invert the colours using Photoshop to come up with this.  It looks like I’ll need to use a much longer exposure next time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

The Canals of Camden

The canal and bridges make an interesting walk from King’s Cross to Camden.  Canals were once the motorways of the industrial revolution taking goods and raw materials in and out of the cities.  Now they take runners and cyclist and the occasional walker up and down their tow paths.  Some people live on them in houseboats, but the biggest change has been the conversion of water front warehouses and factories into modern living spaces.

The smoke coming out of the barge on the right makes the foreground look a bit over exposed compared to the bridge behind it.

My favourite

I like this one the best because it has a good shape to it and lots of black.  Good monochrome photography has strong structure and is not afraid to have large parts of the frame in darkness.

All EOS1 with Ilford HP5+ 400 film.



Alisa’s travel theme of the week is foliage.

Canon EOS1 Ilford HP5+ 400 speed, at night, handheld.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

An arrangement of some old dolls, probably from the first half of the last century.
Canon EOS5 Ilford 400 HP5+