Snow Globes

I took these pictures of a snow globe after shaking it up and using a variety of exposures from less than a second to twenty seconds.  You can see the difference in the trails of the flakes.  Most of the lighting was done by a torch.  The camera was mounted on a tripod, I shone a torch on the globe and tried to judge the exposure time.  Then I set the camera timer off, shook the globe and tried to line the torch up where it was when I set the esposure.  I repeated this a few times and these are the best of the bunch.





Film was Ilford HP5 and the camera was Canon EOS5.

Rams and Senators

The Rams logo

The last of the photos I took at the Yorkshire Rams versus Gateshead Senators game from earlier this month.  Compared to games I watched in the late 80s / early 90s, the standard of play is much higher.  There’s more completed passes and the quarterbacks are not one man bands who run more than they pass.  Although a few lineman still fall over at the line of scrimmage as soon as the play starts, blocking is generally better.  The kicking games is not up to much, though.  Extra points are a rarity and the teams seems to go for it on fourth down a lot instead of bringing on a place kicker.  Still, the hitting is hard and the players still go for it even if the game is lost.

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So which shots are better – living colour or classic monochrome?

American Football British Style

Rams quarterback looks for the hand off

I recently went to watch the Yorkshire Rams visit to the Gateshead Senators who play in the British American Football National League.  The Division 1 North game was won 12-0 by the visitors.  There was plenty of hard hitting and a relaxed atmosphere on the sidelines.

I’m pleased by the way most of the photos have turned out.  I used 400 speed film and took advantage of the good light, so most of my shots are at least 1000 shutter speed.  This means there’s very little blur on the action.  I also had the aperture at 4.5 which throws the background out of focus and helps to make the players stand out.  I got into some good spots for the pictures because I’ve got some good knowledge of the game, as in the above picture where I was pretty sure the QB was about to turn.  Last time I took pictures of this sport, it was the NFL and I was about one mile away from the field.  Closeness is a bonus of amateur sports.

No 8 is stopped during a punt return
The returner is downed
The Referee
Senators quarterback Chris Doyle drops back
and throws the ball
Back to pass again
Gateshead wide receiver #5 looks to the sideline for instructions
Time out

Power Station

Nuclear Power

Objects like these sit on the edge of our towns in the industrial hinterland.

Industrial Sunset

The sun, setting over a wasteland of towers, smoke, cranes and antennae.


Who ya gonna call?

Ghostbusters?  Torchwood?  The local undertakers?


Out walking to the post office one day, I came across this vehicle which belongs to Paradox Paranormal Investigations (click here). The Canon was at home, I had only my phone with me.

I never found out what they were doing there.  When I walked back an hour later it had completely vanished.



Half A Million Volts

This is what half a million volts looks like.

The pictures are a bit grainy and out of focus but the only light source was the arcs of electricity that these Texans were running through their bodies.  Its a bit difficult to get the exposure right in the dark.