Ubiquitous Picture of an Aeroplane Wing

One of the great photographic cliches and like most cliches, it's hard to resist. Canon EOS 5 and Fujicolour C200.

The Last Rays of the Sun

The is the sun just moments before it set, in a forest.  I'm not sure if it works or not.  Comments and criticisms are welcome. Update: Thanks for all the comments.  I think that problem is that I took the shot too late.  A few minutes before and there would have been more detail on … Continue reading The Last Rays of the Sun


"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of people walking into him." Doctor Johnson

An Old Walk in the Countryside

The Age of Austerity

There's a recession on (or whatever they class the current financial crises as) so we all must make compromises.  Mine is to save money by not buying my favoured Ilford HP5 but Kodak TX instead.  Although I prefer the Ilford brand, Kodak's films have never let me down in the past so its not that … Continue reading The Age of Austerity

Crag Wood Lake

Some lens flare but I've gone for the softer look this time.


The port town of Caesarea Maritima was built by Herod The Great and later used by the Romans.  Before you get to the Roman part, used for horse racing, you pass through the gothic architecture of Crusader gates and arches.  More recent developments have included private museums and a golf course.  Most sites in the … Continue reading Ceasarea

Amateur Athletics

Somebody left the back gate open so I wandered in and took some pictures of an amateur athletics meet before anyone noticed and chucked me out.  Agfa colour film 200 speed.  I decided to only take pictures of the half of the stadium that was in sunlight rather than shade.  Overall, not great shots but … Continue reading Amateur Athletics