Halloween is an ancient festival currently celebrated by wearing Joker masks. Canon EOS 5, Ilford HP5+

The Tower of Babel

When i get to the bottom, I go back to the top, or something like that.  It's symbolic of mankind's struggle to build higher and closer to god or perhaps just some men putting up a ride to sell tickets for.

Why I Hate Photography Magazines

They wouldn't print my pictures. My other gripe is the standard of pictures that pass for 'amateur' photographers.  Each magazine has a readers' pictures section with pictures that range from crass filler material to epic pieces of photojournalism.  Some of the best pictures are taken with a £10 000 camera using a paid model in … Continue reading Why I Hate Photography Magazines

Renaissance Baebes

At a recent display, I took these pictures of Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth II and Mary Queen of Scots.  The models were very impressive and the clothes very fine although the light was poor and I was working without the aid of a tripod.  The other problem is that the EOS 5 gave up half way … Continue reading Renaissance Baebes

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lavender Water

My recent post showing some lighthouse steps got a few comments so I thought I'd do another one on the theme again. The interior shots come from the keeper's cottage and were taken hand-held in low lighting conditions. I wonder if there are any working lighthouses left in the UK?  It's probably all done with … Continue reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lavender Water

Pole Vault

This summer, I've been trying to photograph sports to widen my skills and experience a but.  So I went to take pictures of pole vaulters, vaulting against the Tyneside scenery.  It was a cloudy day as you would normally get in Newcastle in September so I decided to use Ilford Delta 3200 film.  This is … Continue reading Pole Vault