Tag: Animals

  • Soft


    Soft like a duck’s feathers, in response to Alisa’s travel theme of ‘Soft.’ And here are some more birds:

  • Silhouette

      Canon EOS1, Kodak TMax 400

  • The Biggest Frog I Have Ever Seen

    This one takes at least two hands to hold and wobbles about because it is so full of water.  It’s about the size of a dinner plate.  They live in desert areas near riverbeds where they drink lots and go to sleep under ground for several months at a time. If you’re dying of thirst,…

  • Meerkats

    Alisa’s travel theme this week is animals.  And what says animals more than a good meerkat? First a couple of head shots: Now a good-natured fight: And to finish off, a couple of pictures of junior: Canon EOS1 Kodak Tri X 400 Speed

  • Parrot in the Window

    One of those times when you just happen to have the camera with you. Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5

  • Everyday Life: Walking the Dog

    This is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge Everyday Life. Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+ 400

  • A Dog in a Pram