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The View From The Bridge

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+, 400, long exposure



This is an example of bokeh – this is defined as the aesthetic quality of the out of focus regions of the picture and come from the Japanese word for blur.  Enthusiasts believe there is good bokeh and bad bokeh, and also they judge a lens by its performance when out of focus.

I’m not a connoisseur so I don’t know how good my bokeh is on this occasion, but I have sympathy with the idea that focus can be overrated.  Here’s the in focus version with the bokeh version layered over the top.

Canon EOS1 Ilford HP5+ 400

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Strangely, this stuff reminds me of the stargate sequence from 2001 and of the 70’s Doctor Who titles, which were both made using the same techniques.


Originally I called this post Brickwork but it seems to fit the theme of Contrast.

Giant structures like this fascinate me.  They remind me of children’s toys dumped on the landscape.  You can almost see them as abstract shapes rather than functioning pieces of industrial equipment.

I took these pictures a while ago but I was trying to capture the contrast between the natural sky with its fluid and shapeless clouds and the brickwork was was designed and manufactured.  I wanted to show he way the side of the chimney cuts the sky.

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge 2

Some more shots of the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge in all its glory:

Time to Redecorate

The writing is on the wall; it says ‘redecorate.’

peeling-paintbrick-wall abstract-(9)