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  • Sitting

  • Little Box

  • Warwick Arts Centre

    This beast sits outside the Warwick Arts Centre and rotates, the top half at least.  I notice on the picture above, there is a door so perhaps someone lives there. An interesting reflection of the cone through two windows with alternating panes of dark and light glass. At night, it lights up.  I like the…

  • Rainy Night

      Rainy Days lead to Rainy Nights. EOS5, Fujifilm.

  • Stained Glass

    Taken using a pew as a tripod.

  • The Finishing Line

  • Snow Globes

    I took these pictures of a snow globe after shaking it up and using a variety of exposures from less than a second to twenty seconds.  You can see the difference in the trails of the flakes.  Most of the lighting was done by a torch.  The camera was mounted on a tripod, I shone…

  • Corrugation

  • Rams and Senators

    The last of the photos I took at the Yorkshire Rams versus Gateshead Senators game from earlier this month.  Compared to games I watched in the late 80s / early 90s, the standard of play is much higher.  There’s more completed passes and the quarterbacks are not one man bands who run more than they…

  • Aeroplane Art

    Aeroplane Art