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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This is my contribution to this week's theme: Canon EOS 5, Ilford HP5+ and a lucky vignette.

The Hits

The Hits

I was looking at some of the search engine terms produce hits on this blog and I came across three standout categories that seem to bring traffic my way. Bikini This one makes a lot of sense. The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge Not sure why this one pops up so often.  It is an iconic piece … Continue reading The Hits

In a bikini

Wearing glasses in the water is an interesting look. And while I'm at it:

The Cigarette

Nothing like a smoke at the seaside.

The English Riviera

The English Riviera in all its glory.  Today is sunny so take your white flesh that you've kept all winter and exposure it until you don't need fake tan anymore.