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Running Through the Trees

Canon EOS1 Ilford 400


The new WordPress Android update is very good but has anybody else noticed that their shortcuts and widgets have stopped working or disappeared?


This is an interesting article, especially half way down when he talks about photographers being people who make pronouncements without ever testing them out.  Theory without analysis.  I'm sure I do this but then when I make a theory about how to take a picture the best way, my own experiences must count as something … Continue reading Theories


Some pictures of soldiers.  The first two are some GIs who look like they've just got back from the front.  This top one was a close up which I botched and got a bit of shake in it.  So I used Photoshop to sharpen and wash it out a bit.  It's not bad focus, it's … Continue reading Soldiers

Silhouettes of Hands

Whilst bored in charge of a camera, I decided to copy Man Ray (I think) and discovered it's a bit more difficult than just waving your hand around and setting the camera for ten multiple exposures. This fits in well with Alisa's theme of the week.