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  • A Few Changes Around Here:

    I was getting a bit fed up with the paid theme so I went back to the free one.  Despite the extra options, and a lot of playing with the CSS, I could never seem to get it looking the way I wanted.  So I went back to the simple themes.  I will lose the…

  • Spectators

  • unSmeared

    This something like yesterday’s post should have looked like.   Instead of this:

  • Glassworks


  • Room


  • The Union Flag

    To mark the Act of Union which created Great Britain and came into force on 1 May 1707, here’s the Union Flag: Digital

  • Android

    The new WordPress Android update is very good but has anybody else noticed that their shortcuts and widgets have stopped working or disappeared?

  • Lomography in the News

    The BBC is extolling the virtues of Lomography here. It’s nice to see some publicity for the cameras although I have misgivings about the article.  It tells you about the famous friends of Lomography but it doesn’t give you the cons of the system which are the cost of the cameras and the amount of…

  • Bridge

    Here’s two pictures of the same Millennium Bridge at night which I took on a long exposure.  The top one is the better one, but I kind of like the fuzzy, shaky version below as well.  This is what you get for not taking a tripod. What does anyone else think?   Canon EOS1, Ilford…

  • We’ll Meet Again

    We’ll Meet Again

    During the Second World War, many young men were sent off to fight in foregn lands and many a tearful farewell was said while your girlfriend checked Facebook. Canon EOS 1, Ilford HP 5, 400