The Hits

I was looking at some of the search engine terms produce hits on this blog and I came across three standout categories that seem to bring traffic my way.


This one makes a lot of sense.

The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge

Not sure why this one pops up so often.  It is an iconic piece of architecture and it’s coming up to its centenary, I think.  Perhaps ex pat Smoggies spend a lot of time on the web looking for pictures of ‘The Tranny.’

Climax Wind Pump

Don’t get this one.  I can only guess that people with a need for low-carbon power generation like to see pictures of this in monochrome.  To that end, I repost the Climax Wind Pump at dusk.

So in theory, I need to persuade some one in a bikini on the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge to climax with a wind pump and I will have one of the most popular photographs in history.

Ten Other Search Terms That Landed Here:

  1. over designed structure
  2. 0.00039
  3. nose art on vulcan
  4. lute reenactor
  5. medieval babe
  6. royalty free tardis
  7. small girl with beautyful dark brown eyes
  8. bath house jew
  9. toy cars crash in water
  10. cone of circular cross section opening downward and with its vertex at