Happy New Year

Hope you are having / had a good New Year’s Eve.  It’s just gone midnight in the Uk and so it is officially 2019.  Here’s some fireworks to celebrate:

This one reminds me of 80’s Doctor Who titles:

A lot of long exposures in this post.


A Genesis Era model, apparently.



Daleks-(2) Daleks-(3)



This is the TARDIS – the prop from the TV show Doctor Who.  Based on an old London police box, it also doubles as a time machine which can camouflage itself, hence its low tech exterior.

In the 1960s when the TV show began, police boxes were regular fixtures on the streets of London and the rest of the UK.  In the days before police had radios and cars, they were lock ups made from concrete and sometimes wood where the police could store things and even lock up criminals until help arrived.  There was a phone line for the police and the public to use behind a little door in the front of the door to talk directly to the station.  The light on the top was activated by the station and was a signal to any patrols in the area to contact HQ for instructions.  The TV show used a blue box but in fact any bright colour was used – red and green being as common as blue.  Some (non functioning) police boxes still can be seen on the streets most notably in London and Glasgow.  Many have been preserved and turned into kiosks, tourist information points and in Edinburgh even a coffee shop.

By the end of the 60s, the boxes were mostly phased out as the growth of cars and radios made them redundant but the design carried on with Doctor Who.  In 1996 the Metropolitan Police decided to challenge the BBC for the rights to use the design but the ruling came back that the public no longer associated police boxes with the police and and the BBC was free to use the TARDIS on TV and merchandising without paying a royalty.

More can be had by going here:  policeboxes.com

Meanwhile, here’s a Dalek.