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  • Night

      Despite not being so, these two look a little Lomo.  Probably caused by resting the camera on some railings in place of a tripod.

  • Cropping?

    Is this image better cropped or not?  The first image is cropped and is probably the better composition.  But the second image below shows more context.  You get a better idea that these two ladies are on stilts in the second image. After sitting on this picture for about a year, I think I finally…

  • Stilt Walkers

    These two stilt walkers fit in with where’s my backpack’s theme of balance.

  • Split

  • Acrobat

  • Getting Ready

  • Softplay

    This is softplay. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, it’s where midgets run around slides and cargo netting at a manic pace while adults are overcharged for coffee.  You can hold your child’s birthday party there because nothing says happy birthday like a meal of chicken nuggets and a free cap.

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