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Last one looks like a refugee from Allo Allo.

Singers – World War 2 Style

I prefer the top one. She had a bit of attitude and pose. She was very close to the mic which made getting a shot without an obscured face was almost impossible. Canon EOS 1, Ilford HP 5+


Alisa's travel theme is Liquid this week:      

Bit and Pieces

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+



There seems to be a thriving industry in old World War two uniforms, both original and more recent.  I wanted to be a RAF officer but discovered that the way the uniforms are cut meant that I was much more of a GI.  In other words, I eat like an American.  So I got my … Continue reading Uniforms

The Archers and the Two Fingered Salute

This is the modern sport of archery.  English longbowmen were famed across Europe in the later medieval period because of their accuracy and devastating fire power, just ask the French.  So, with it being in my blood, I had a go and with my first every arrow I hit the bull. I was pleased with … Continue reading The Archers and the Two Fingered Salute

The Fool

The is Peterkin, England's top fool.  He tells bawdy jokes, walks on stilts and plays with fire. (I'm not sure if that's damage to the negative below his hand or if its the fumes from fire he was chucking around). The jester was a regular fixture in the English Royal Court and many aristocratic households … Continue reading The Fool