Regency Tea Dance


Face Paint

face painting

Thou Shalt Not Pass

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+ 400

Ladies at the Train Station

Canon EOS1, Ilford HP5+

Shooting The Target

My mission statement is to try and take the pictures that others don’t take. Plenty of others can take technically perfect colour digital images and many of them can do it better than me. So I deal in gloomy monochrome using technology from the last century – 35mm film.

When the opportunity came round to shoot a model, I wanted to get the close ups as much as anyone but I also wanted to get some of the activity around the model – the mechanics of the shoot.

I felt I had more to offer from the back of the room and around the edges. It soon occurred yo me that there was a pack of middle aged men trying to hunt the target down with their lenses.

The model, or target, is surrounded by a phalanx of photographers. From the back of the room there is barely a chink of light.

Although the shoot may be taking place in cluttered surroundings, the unglamourous back room of a pub, the model stands in front of a variety of coloured backgrounds which allow her to be the centre of attention.

The model is aided by various lights and reflectors. Some are on stands. Some are hand held and some by the model herself, carefully just out of shot but delivering reflection at just the right angle.

There are odd requests from photographers. This pose may have taken a great picture but it took some explaining about how the hands should be held and at exactly what height.

Watching her for over an hour, I could tell that the job is hard. Not hard like surgery or coal mining but tiring. It takes a certain type of person to pose and smile and still remain focussed for the shoot which may take a couple of hours.

Bench Warmer

A knight waits his turn on the bench until he’s called for combat.